Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Sports

Okay, I have heard many complaints about the fact that I have not blogged for two months. I am going to try and give this another go, believe me I have plenty to talk about. The past few days I have been thinking about Spring and most importantly that it is finally here! We had snow this past weekend, which should never happen in Oregon, at the end of March. I was watching a Seattle Mariner's game on tv yesterday and there was snow outside the stadium. I bring up baseball for an even more important reason, Spring to me equals that start of the baseball season! Dennis can't seem to grasp my love of baseball, especially around a team that is based in Seattle. So I pose a question, when people think of Spring sports is baseball at the top of your list?

Dennis thinks April and thinks about the beginning of Spring practice for football. Many others think about track, because I do live in Track Town USA. I think baseball. I can now be found at least a few minutes a night turning on the television to see what the score of the Mariner's game is or if they can finally do it again this year. So here is to blogging again and the return of Spring, especially long days of baseball and true Americana!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Getting excited during a game

Did I mention that I enjoy sports like my husband? I have my seat at Duck football games and I cheer on Ducks basketball, Mariners baseball, Seahawk football, etc. I have also found a renewed love of Blazers basketball. My question is, as a female sports fan, am I allowed to yell at the refs and cuss at my television? I have a few opinions about this, some of which my husband disagrees with.

Dennis says that you should only get excited during important games and that college football and basketball games have more ramifications then a professional sports game. This may be true, but I say every game is important and that you can really get into it. Lately I find myself watching every Blazers basketball game on tv and yelling at the refs for their inappropriate calls. I am told that I should not get so involved, but isn't that the definitions of a true sports fan?

I probably will find myself blogging about sports a little more this winter since as I said I am the wife of a sport's fanatic. Few warnings if you ever watch a game with me, I get into it and don't let me have too much alcohol during a Duck loss because I might let a few words fly, or I might do the same thing sober. Bottom line, it's okay to get excited even if one loss doesn't matter in the end; every game is important just like every moment in life is precious!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A start

My husband has been a little lacking in his postings and so I thought I would try blogging. I may not have a lot to say on here but I will give it a try. Those who know me are probably laughing since I usually have at least a few words to says. This blog will hopefully be a counterpart to my husbands that tends to talk about only the Ducks and how much he hates the Beavers. So here goes my little journey into the world of blogging.